Love those four-day weekends

I doubt anyone will be bothering to read this, but I’ve just been put on a three-day week at work. This is ostensibly because I was to be made redundant (=US “laid off”) but probably because as a QA Manager I wasn’t backed up by my boss and the excrement then hit the air circulator. It’s a pain when you’ve talked to your boss and given him fair warning that something is going on that he needs to look at, but then he tells you that “you’re picking on so-and-so” or “we’ll tell him to pull up his socks” and no socks get pulled up.

Three-day weeks are wonderful. The problem is that there is little or no time on the four-day weekend to do everything you want to do. Today I did a load of laundry, ate lunch, went to the gym, then returned home and had tea with a friend, and am now writing this journal while I wait for HWMBO (He Who Must Be Obeyed, my boyfriend) to return home from work.I should be revamping my website, doing some more geneological work, getting the house clean, getting ready for our trip to Singapore in two weeks, but instead I’m writing a live journal entry. Oh, well.

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