Valentine’s Day

Was going to post this on ‘s entry on Valentine’s Day, but decided it deserved its own entry in mine.

We had a “Valentine’s Day” lunch yesterday at Taro, a Japanese restaurant on Old Compton Street here in London. We wanted to eat in Chinatown, but of course the Dragon parade was going on in the afternoon and every gweilo family that could crowded in to see those quaint Chinese put on their culture show. Oddly enough, I had forgotten that this was CNY weekend (since I’ve been working three days a week my sense of time has decayed).

WL asked me if he should give me his card last night, and I said no. I’d bought mine and filled it out when I stopped in to work yesterday. I laid it on his plate for breakfast this morning. Mine was just a bit sappy, but his was so precious. There was a picture of a dog and cat sitting under a tree, dog’s paw around the cat’s shoulders. The caption read, “And another problem, my love, is that you too are a male.” Inside he wrote, “Fortunately it is not a problem ever since we met.” I’m so lucky.

This afternoon I made two banana breads (as we had some rapidly browning bananas). I used solid shortening rather than vegetable oil, and the batter was pretty lumpy, so I thought it would be two tins of disaster. But they came out really nice on the inside, if a bit tough on the outside.

I gave him a slice when he got home, “Sweets for the sweet.”

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