Sorry for not blogging lately

I apologise for not blogging much lately. I suppose I should be blogging on the train going to Nuneaton, which is where my current assignment is. Once we leave Euston Station and I have read my email, I usually slip into a reverie and don’t bother to do much until I get to the office, where I am fully employed doing some process improvement and release procedures. When I get home, I’m usually exhausted so I just read everyone else’s blogs and fall asleep, to dream of really weird things such as people who walk around with pantographs on their heads drawing power from overhead lines just like trains do.

The Pendolino trains that ply the rails between London and Nuneaton (ending up in Liverpool) are quite good, actually. They get up to pretty good speed, and lean into curves mechanically, allowing for faster speeds overall. The cost for a day return ticket is

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