We had a very leisurely day today. At 1 we went out to Leicester Square to meet M, and then go to lunch. After a bit of a tussle over “where” that reminded me of Douglas Adams’ three questions that denoted the three stages of civilisation:

  • What should we eat?
  • Why do we eat?
  • Where should we go for lunch?

we decided to go to Jom Makan again, and this time we did much better. HWMBO gave it 7 out of 10 this time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had no dessert, which was better as all the desserts are chock-full of sugar or sugar syrup. I took pictures!

M and HWMBO:

My lunch: Hainanese Chicken Rice and Gado-Gado salad:

I’d eaten a bit from the left side of this!

HWMBO had Nasi Ayam Percik (“Grilled chicken with sweet spicy coconut sauce served with steamed rice, fresh salad, and prawn crackers”)

and M had Nasi Goreng (I think):

Afterwards we strolled to the White Cube, where a forgettable exhibition called “Lesser Panda” had its last day today. The top level was full of people watching a movie about the psychologist for the Munich police during the 1972 Olympic Games (you may remember, that was when Black September took Israeli athletes hostage), and the bottom level had some rather geometric and abstract paintings incorporating things which might or might not have been rings.

Then to Waterstone’s Piccadilly, where I bought an O’Reilly title: “Windows Vista Annoyances“–which have been much on my mind of late.

We parted from M there, he to Leicester Square again to enquire about a movie, and us home via Boots, where HWMBO got an “alice band” for his hair.

We had stew for dinner, and HWMBO was mightily annoyed that I hadn’t eaten some cottage cheese which expired yesterday. I think it’ll stay until tomorrow night, when I won’t really want to eat much.

Now to reading about Windows Vista annoyances…it does seem that the book isn’t quite thick enough to accomodate all of them.

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