Today’s frustration

My BlackBerry is FUBAR. A website that I used to frequent sent out 200 nearly-identical spew emails to alert me about a man who went missing (he has since been found, I understand). Each email was bigger than the previous one because it contained one more picture of the guy. These emails started to appear on my BlackBerry (obviously) and took longer and longer to transfer. The BlackBerry became clogged with them and there was no way to stop it. I just got the rotating hourglass every time I tried to turn it on and use it. I managed to delete my calendar and address book (both helpfully recovered but not restored to the machine…)

I finally called Vodafone after two days of struggling with it, and got Liam, who was second tier support, who helpfully deleted my online account and then rebuilt it. I added my current email addresses, and all seemed fine.

However, when I turned data services back on, I got the hourglass again, but no alert emails. They are gone, but the hourglass remains. So, it’s back to Vodafone tomorrow and a demand that they get it right or give me a new phone and a new account. Liam sounds cute, so maybe I’ll speak to him again…

I told the website that spewed never to darken my door again (they had given me 5 free premium days to compensate me for the “glitch”).

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