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  • 07:06 @devinjay i haven’t had breakfast yet, thank goodness, or those hot dogs would have made me lose it. #
  • 07:09 RT @scorpiojerm: Cute recycle bins at Changi Airport. #
  • 07:12 @devinjay how the f*** are you supposed to eat it, for one thing. Being more oral, I’m only interested in that aspect… #
  • 07:18 @kevjumba just read the lyrics to “birthday sex” and while I don’t question your morals, your taste in songs might be questionable. #
  • 07:21 RT @pinoyboy: I was just called out for having a perma-frown… I just have pouty lips #
  • 08:28 breakfast finished, now trying desperately to catch up with life. #
  • 09:24 don’t try this at home, #
  • 09:24 @soveren kneenex: sounds like something you’d give Rafael Nidal today. (knee probs. may force him to forego Wimbledon) #
  • 12:18 off to lunch with my favourite mohel #
  • 15:31 back from a long lunch with my favourite mohel. . Chiang Mai restaurant in Soho rox! #
  • 22:02 good night, tweeters all. i hope that my left foot feels better tomorrow. #

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