From Twitter 02-06-2010

  • 19:07:39: Good evening all…went to South London Gallery this PM and watched some art being destined for destruction.
  • 19:15:30: @mikehillwig I went to junior high school with George Shube.
  • 23:04:09: Tomas has mumps? RT DentonPolice: – 02/06/2010 15:10:00 | 34 years old | LOCAL MUNICIPAL WARRANT
  • 23:05:05: @EboniMale I’d love to visit ATL again after more than 20 years but it’s a bit far from London… 🙁 Have a good time!
  • 23:09:39: @soveren We walked ard it picking out artists: Opie, Hirst, etc. Someone went up the stairs & threw a piece of art in while we were there.
  • 23:12:19: @GaySkyHooker Strange the bond was $300 just for running a stop sign. They’re harsh in Denton County.
  • 23:42:17: @DanielJUK There is an English vodka brand, so it must be OK to produce it here. Probably grain-neutral spirits, not potato-based…
  • 23:44:11: @GaySkyHooker – Holy jumped-up Jesus! That look like ordnance from WW II…
  • 23:45:36: Well, tweeps and peeps (especially @GaySkyHooker ) have a good night; early to bed for me as my hands are playing up…

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