From Twitter 02-08-2010

  • 10:31:21: @EboniMale sleep tight. i just started twitter so that’s why i wasn’t talking.
  • 17:36:49: @EboniMale The Economist had a big article on it last week; some get loads of business through Twitter and Facebook.
  • 18:20:15: @shrinik I hate snow with a passion. Good thing that it wasn’t cold enough to stick on the ground.
  • 18:31:50: @Shelbycub *cough* (that was a sympathetic *cough*)
  • 18:39:48: @EboniMale Hey you indeed….so good-looking…
  • 18:40:51: Had a very laid-back day. Weather too crap to go out much, so stayed in and drank coffee. Tomorrow I’ll venture out, I think.
  • 19:35:07: That isn’t nasty. It’s tasty.
  • 19:40:17: @EboniMale No, 2 bad you’re not here… 🙁
  • 20:01:10: @jonk sounds good. shall we reschedule our breakfast to a lunch or a dinner?
  • 20:04:43: @jonk If it can be a late dinner (say after 8 pm) I’m fine with that. I have a diocsan board of finance meeting 6-8 at London Bridge.
  • 20:05:18: @jonk You on UA 930? tomorrow?
  • 20:05:49: Say hi! for me! RT @EboniMale: On the phone with @iPrynce
  • 20:09:47: @jonk Let’s say 8:30 pm @ um…the Elephant and Castle? There is a Chinese restaurant that we like and an Indian that isn’t bad…
  • 20:14:52: @jonk Take Bakerloo Line to Elephant & Castle and come up the lifts. We will either be waiting or on our way. Will call if delayed.
  • 21:10:46: @EboniMale You lost 10 pounds? I think I found it. 🙁
  • 21:23:05: @jonk All the stations used to have lifts. There is an electricity substation where escalators out of the E&C station would go.
  • 21:25:49: @jonk problem here is that lots of people in the lift w/ you will be sparing with the soap and water… @-(
  • 21:26:26: @jonk it takes 22 seconds from the time the doors close until the time they open them at the ticket hall at E&C. Count ’em.
  • 21:35:57: @jonk hehehe…at that time of night cheap cologne on the peeps going to Ministry of Sound will be the predominant odour…
  • 22:54:20: @MisterDude hope everything works out ok. rest up!

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