From Twitter 02-11-2010

  • 00:27:21: Just got back from dinner with @jonk and the proof is: . Lovely to meet in the flesh at last. Thanks for a great meal!
  • 08:13:32: @jonk oh dear…give me toast and coffee anyday.
  • 08:56:05: @jonk were u up all night?
  • 11:10:37: @jonk good grief! sorry to hear that. hope you get a better rest tonight…
  • 11:52:26: We are paying £6m to monitor MPs expenses. We got only £1m back. Would it not be cheaper to elect honest MPs and scrap the expenses office?
  • 12:45:16: @jonk That is an occupational hazard of the US/Continental tourist in London. I have the same problem in reverse when visiting the US.
  • 12:46:08: @shrinik If you “built the wrong thing rightly” would that be a good thing? Worse than “building the right thing wrongly”? I wonder…
  • 15:02:00: @jonk The Gherkin is across the river. The map has moved St. Paul’s Cathedral to the spot where Southwark Cathedral has been for 1000 years.
  • 15:04:33: @SE1 In this URL, Foursquare has managed to plop St. Paul’s Cathedral right on top of Southwark Cathedral. I wonder why?
  • 15:53:01: @jonk it did, but the map was wrong. St Paul’s is N of the river bit it put it S where Southwark Cathedral is.
  • 15:53:40: @hungskateboy yeah, love it.
  • 15:59:27: I’m at Starbucks in London
  • 17:28:00: I’m at Stevenage
  • 19:54:17: @iPrynce not up to much. waiting for the partner to get home so we can have dinner…what are you up do?
  • 23:11:52: well, tweeps and peeps, almost time for bed. play nice, don’t do anything i wouldn’t do, and post more pics…

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