From Twitter 02-19-2010

  • 00:33:31: @urbanbohemian My inner gay geek worries that I don’t have all my chargers and cables. F**k the toiletries. I steal soap from hotels…
  • 00:34:58: On the other hand, I am only hot to blind guys… RT @MikieFitch: I wish I was blind to hot guys
  • 10:48:04: Good morning, tweeps and peeps. The sun is struggling to get out of the clouds. Quiet day today, I hope.
  • 11:04:52: @EboniMaleXXX I hope everything clears soon…lots of love from London…
  • 11:29:29: Hobbit nabbed for drinking. RT DentonPolice: – 02/19/2010 04:07 | 18 years old | ALCOHOL/PUBLIC INTOXICATION
  • 11:29:52: @soveren hugs to you too. hope canada is good to you…
  • 11:39:08: @soveren lots of hunky men about there, i guess. weir is cagey about his sexuality. perhaps u could do some personal research & report back?
  • 21:57:43: @angelcruzin Doesn’t bother me at all; in fact, it cheers me up no end! Have a good weekend, man!
  • 22:06:01: @mariocruzxxx Thanks for the #FF ! You’re the best.
  • 22:09:40: Back from Evensong at the Cathedral. A bit long but +Tom was trying to install everyone he could before he leaves tomorrow.
  • 22:37:55: My friend Dicky just put together this electronic mixup which is freaky and great! You must listen! (button in lower LHC)
  • 23:38:18: Rube Goldberg must be alive somewhere!
  • 23:38:58: OK, tweeps and peeps, I think it’s almost time for bed. Play nice, and see you all tomorrow.

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