From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 00:36:35: Well, tweeps & peeps, off to bed now. I’ll bet Wills and Kate are having trouble sleeping…
  • 18:04:22: RT @eddyPham: did everyone/anyone watch the wedding < < Yup, the whole thing, limousine to last kiss.
  • 23:50:57: RT @RichTheTiger: XXL or Megawoof? Votes please? < < Megawoof. Daz is a great guy and you'll love the music.
  • 23:51:40: @RichTheTiger Oops. Late night finger. MegawooF
  • 23:57:52: Well, all, good night. Calm down, dears, and have fun. See you tomorrow.

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