More observations on WordPress…

I’m continuing to go backwards in my WordPress copy of my Live Journal blog, and have gotten to mid-January 2011. Can you say “Timesuck”, kiddies? A couple more observations, now that I’ve done nearly 7 months of renovations.

First, it not only cuts off posts at accented characters—it also cuts them off at characters like the “£” sign (useful if you’re blogging from the United Kingdom) and even sometimes at single or double quotes. This last is not consistent, unfortunately. This means you have to read every single blog post. In addition, it seems to have cut off every single sermon I’ve posted so far. Why? Search me.

Second, the maddening thing about some special characters is that the “&” in them was changed to “&” in places, thus rendering the special character silly. I then have to delete the “amp;” and the character comes out OK.

Third, it is good to be able to correct the odd typo occasionally.

Fourth, once I’ve finished going through to make the thing readable, I shall have to go through it again to tag (=Wordpress “categorise”) each post. Strewth!

Fifth, I don’t seem to have enabled comments at any time. This is bothersome. The comments that were already there are still there; new comments are disabled. Probably not important for legacy posts, but if no one can comment on current posts why bother?

The question of “Why am I doing this?” has occurred occasionally. I guess it’s better than doing nothing. I think I can do about a month or two a day for corrections, and perhaps more than that for categorisation. We will see.

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