There was a program about narcolepsy after the 10:00 news. It’s a desperately sad condition, of course, but the program showed a meeting of the board of the Narcolepsy Society, all of whom suffer from the disease. As speaker after speaker waxed eloquent, the rest of the board members were falling asleep in turns. They have to have three people take the minutes to ensure that nothing gets missed out because the secretary falls asleep. I had to giggle, but I do realise that this is a serious condition. The young teenager who is an extreme sufferer (she has catalepsy, where extreme emotion such as laughter will cause her to lose control of her muscles and fall, even though she is still conscious) was an excellent dance student, and when she concentrates, she is free of the cataleptic episodes. She passed her dance exams with honours and distinction! Good for her!

Now to, of all places, bed. Where I hope that I will suffer from a bout of about 6 hours sleep. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment, always a trial. Diabetes means that you get very familiar with the doctor’s office. I do hope that everything’s OK.

z z z z z

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