Today’s Hometown URL

I look at the Marblehead Reporter every week. The highlight of the online version is the Police Log. I have just discovered this link to highlights of the year in Marblehead (I believe it was 2001, judging from the flurry of suspicious Middle-Eastern-looking men reported after September 11). It’s well worth a peruse, and a laugh.

Marblehead is proud to be the Birthplace of the American Navy and the Yachting Capital of the World. I left for the Big Apple and never came back, but there are lots of nice people there still, including some of my relatives.

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    Thanks for the comments. I may move towards a vertical scrolling layout for a change, or I may just make the navigation easier. Not sure yet.

    Updating on a regular basis would help as well.

    GREAT job with the blog 🙂 That blog on narcalepsy was both sad, and hilarious.