Something I’ve discovered

I find that, as time goes on, and I look at my friends’ entries and the comments their friends make on their entries, I look at my friends’ friends’ entries and add them to my friends list so that I won’t miss anything they write.

This means that if I don’t look at my friends page at least twice a day, it is in danger of scrolling off the bottom of the page.

Is this just me, or does everyone do it?

6 Responses to “Something I’ve discovered”

  1. ruth_lawrence says:
  2. ruth_lawrence says:

    I did it when new. I still have around 100 entries to get through daily, even though I have unfriended nearly everyone who didn’t friend me back…

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    Lots of those I’ve friended haven’t friended me back. But I still read their blogs.

    I’m just a sucker for a good story.

  4. ruth_lawrence says:


    It’s easy to Go Too Far considering there are now over five million live journals, though!

    People may not have noticed you’ve friended them yet, btw.

  5. chrishansenhome says:

    Is there any way short of cybershouting “Look at me–I’ve befriended you!” to get them to reciprocate?

  6. ruth_lawrence says:

    A mutual friend could post that you have a journal now.