Houseguest and stuff

Our friend Paul from Detroit is over for a visit. I love Paul to death: I first met him in 1991 at the BWMT (Black and White Men Together) convention in Detroit. He is outrageous, funny, in your face, and out there when no one else wants to be out there. This is the second time he’s stayed with us, and I’m very glad he’s here. It’s good having extra bedrooms, especially in London. Your friends can come to visit and you don’t have to send them to a hotel.

Work is just that, work. I’m a bit annoyed because one department at the company is not cooperating with the drive to get their processes docmented for our ISO9001 rollout in January 2005. So we’re having to put some pressure on them.

But, of course you aren’t interested in that, really. I’m just trying to get everything done before the end of January 2005, when I’m to be laid off. I’m sure I’ll do well afterwards, probably contract working. But it’s always upsetting when you have to move like that. I’ll probably be doing ISO9001 consulting as well as testing consultancy and contracting. We are OK moneywise and don’t have any debts. If I’d realised that debt would overshadow my middle years, I wouldn’t have wasted it all on rent boys and things that just got stolen by burglars when I lived in the Bronx.

I like my new laptop. I can write my livejournal while HWMBO is doing a proramming test online for a recruiter who contacted him today. I hope it comes to something. He is so talented and needs more challenges than he’s getting where he is now.

Turning 52 a week ago doesn’t seem to have made much difference. I’m turning into a senior citizen, year on year, and I’m not noticing it.

BTW, look at my friends page and try to figure out what a kransky is without looking at the comments.

I idly looked at the Social Security Death Index because I was curious as to how long my friend Ken Allen from Chicago had been dead. I knew it was 1994 or 1995, but it turned out that it was Nov 11, 1995–the very day I idly looked for his entry. There are no coincidences. Keep resting in peace, Ken.

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  1. ruth_lawrence says:

    A kransky is a type of sausage. Very spicy.