A needed catchup

Or should that be “catch up”, to distinguish it from tomato sauce?

I am humbled by the fact that many of my lj friends update much more than daily, and I haven’t been arsed to update since the day after the General Election.

HWMBO has finally landed a new job, one that pays substantially more than he’s making now, and one with the public sector. It’s also closer to Chez Hansen-Tan than his current job. He is ecstatic, and I am very proud of him. The second interview required a day-long battery of tests, both technical and psychological. The headhunter told him that he did remarkably well on all of them. So we’ll be much better off once he’s begun.

I am still on one day a week at Searchspace. My chum at the consultancy which is doing my billing and sponsorship has told me that he’s amalgamating with a German company that makes software in the “quality” arena. This means that I’ll probably have to change my method of getting paid (not that I’ve gotten paid yet…SSL is a notorious cheque-holder-for-30-days type of payer) and suchlike. I do need to think seriously about how to spend my “free” time and what I might want to do after the SSL gig has finished. I’d love to write a book, and go back to university for an advanced degree in something-or-other. It’ll be difficult to do this now, but I want to do it before rapidly-advancing senility overtakes me.

I should also be redoing my website.

In addition, my midlife crisis is fully blown now…I feel as if I’ve wasted most of my time since I graduated from high school. I coasted through Columbia, getting a “gentleman’s B-” and learning more about alcohol than about academic work. I’ve coasted along since then, amassing debt and then only paying it off due to HWMBO’s frugality and our mutual love and respect for each other. I feel like I haven’t much time to do anything interesting or useful.

I know I’ll get over it; perhaps finding either full-time academic study or a good consulting practice around testing and quality will help. But for now, it’s daunting.

I will try to update more regularly; perhaps this will help motivate me to get the rest of my life kickstarted.

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  1. spwebdesign says:

    I should also be redoing my website.

    Let me know if you want help with that.