The new Mary Poppins…

according to Graham Norton’s new comedy show, will star Jude Law, after shagging his kids’ nanny. The finale of the first act will be the new song, “Super cad, he’s shagging nanny, isn’t he atrocious!”

Please don’t throw tomatoes.

4 Responses to “The new Mary Poppins…”

  1. rsc says:

    Please don’t throw tomatoes.

    Well, I might be tempted, but our tomato plants are still only at the flowering stage (not one fruit has been set, and it’s August already!), so you’re in luck.

  2. ruth_lawrence says:

    Er, why not?

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    Because I would prefer not to get hit by rotten tomatoes?

    Of course, since you’re going on for 12,000 miles away, perhaps it’s more solicitude for your monitor…

  4. ruth_lawrence says:

    Of course, of course 😉