Great surprise…I’m an Asian country

You’re Thailand!
Calmer and more staunchly independent than almost all those around you, you have a long history of rising above adversity.  Recent adversity has led to questions about your sexual promiscuity and the threat of disease, but you still manage to attract a number of tourists and admirers.  And despite any setbacks, you can really cook a good meal whenever it’s called for.  Good enough to make people cry.

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One Response to “Great surprise…I’m an Asian country”

  1. quillon says:

    You’re India!
    A great thinker and leader, you have a great deal of power despite
    being really poor.  You like movies, cows, and you probably are a vegetarian and may
    even be a pacifist.  You’ve probably been moving away from pacifism lately, though,
    as you get more and more defensive that everyone around you is trying to hurt you.
     How about a nice game of chess?

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