Which science fiction writer am I?

I am:

Isaac Asimov

One of the most prolific writers in history, on any imaginable subject. Cared little for art but created lasting and memorable tales.

Which science fiction writer are you?

I’m pleased since he is one of my favourite writers, and has been since I was a child. I met him once at a Mensa convention in New York City, and found myself walking up the stairs behind him–he had a woman on each arm, and one of his hands was on each of their butts. He was interrupted by a heckler during his speech, which made him very annoyed indeed.

2 Responses to “Which science fiction writer am I?”

  1. spwebdesign says:

    This is the second time I’ve taken this quiz, and I was Gregory Benford each time. I still don’t know who he is!

  2. besskeloid says:

    Stanislav Lem here.