Blood sugar update

I took my sugar level reading at 12:30 and just now, almost 1 am. The first one was 9.7 (after I ate the sweet bread with jam), and this one is 12.5. Normal is 5.1-7.1. After a meal (especially one with sugar in it), you’d expect that kind of steep rise, so I think I’ll be ok. So I’m off to bed: HWMBO has just come down to enquire about how I feel so I think I’ll be safe enough in bed.

I have transferred tomorrow morning’s diabetes pills to tomorrow evening’s pill box. I shall try to dream up a good labelling system.

Oh, PS, I hate sticking myself to take the blood sugar reading. It sucks, big time. I feel like a penny-ante Dracula.

4 Responses to “Blood sugar update”

  1. sensey54 says:
  2. vasilatos says:

    After I screwed up my pills, I got one of those flip-top labeled plastic containers, and I load it up with the pills for each day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) so I don’t get it wrong. Works pretty well.

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    My dad had one of these. However, I find them a bit small for the morning pills, which are:

    1) Fish oil capsule (huge)
    2) Multivitamin (huge)
    3) metformin (huge) [diabetes]
    4) glycloside (small) [diabetes]
    5) frusemide (Lasix) (small) [high blood pressure]
    6) ramipril (small capsule) [high blood pressure]

    This set just fits into the Muji barrel I describe in my next post. Any more and I might have some trouble fitting them all in.

  4. vasilatos says:

    I only use it for my crazy blood pressure pills (remember, I don’t have a blood pressure problem, and I take a humongous amount of these pills, due to a theory about my brain). The fish and vitamin and calcium pills, I take separately, but when I’m traveling, I jam them all into the plastic container. They barely fit.

    Sounds like you’ve found a solution with your barrel thingy.