Last night I dreamt….

….that I was a worker in the Prine Minister’s office. I may have even been a junior minister (and thus a member of Parliament). However, there was turmoil in the office. It was the end of the parliamentary year, and the Prime Minister was going through all those who worked in the office and judging whether they should continue or not. One by one those who worked in the office were called in to his office and told of their fate; some left smiling, others in tears. I wasn’t called until next to last. At that point, I went in, some Prime Ministerial aides hovered around, then l sat down, the aides left, and the Prime Minister lookd me straight in the eye and asked, “Chris, is life but a fly?” I became quite indignant and told him of my friend Richard, who had just died at a tremendously young age, and ended: “Prime Minister, life is very important; it is not just a fly.” He smiled and said, “I’ll see you Monday.” (meaning that I had kept my job, I guess). Another co-worker and I then went to a party for the office.

Now, I’m not a Labour voter (I’m a Liberal Democrat) and I don’t admire the Prime Minister, so there must be a deeper meaning to all this. I don’t usually remember dreams very well, so the fact that I’ve remembered the situation and the phrase about the fly must be significant, in some way.

I think I’ve passed some sort of test, anyway.

2 Responses to “Last night I dreamt….”

  1. trawnapanda says:

    who were YOU in the dream? Were you your everyday self, or were you ?Sebastian?? (the David Walliams character from Little Britain, the Prime Ministerial aide who has a huMONgous crush on the PM)?

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    I was me. I was not anybody else. I cringe whenever I see that particular skit on the show. I have no crush on the Prime Minister.