The wonders of the criminal mind

We may have a dead parrot to deal with here, unfortunately; however, dead parrots may tell no tales, according to this burglar. Beware: for the UK-challenged, there’s a lot of British slang in this article; translation will be provided upon application.

3 Responses to “The wonders of the criminal mind”

  1. rsc says:

    Hmm. “grassing up”, “had his collar felt”, “doing bird” (and/or “porridge”) are pretty clear from context. Not so sure about “blagger” and “wonga”.

  2. chrishansenhome says: gives the definition of blagger. “Wonga” means money (I think it’s an ozzy slang term).

  3. rsc says:

    I think it’s an ozzy slang term

    yeah, it kind of sounds like one.