The things one does for friends

My friend Alex is an actor who does whatever he can to keep body and soul together. He did an ad for ntl in which he was one of three breakdancers. ntl, unfortunately, did not give him a DVD copy of the ad, and Alex does not have a tv. So, he asked me to tape the ad. “It comes up every 10 minutes or so on channel 666 on Sky.” Now, the number “666” should have been a tipoff. I have put it on now for three days straight in the evening. The channel is a series of rolling ads for ntl broadband services. There are three inane actors who do little skits about getting broadband (they must not have worked in years to have stooped so low) and I have only seen Alex’s commercial once, when I didn’t have the VCR on. I am rapidly losing my mind. I could just record 3 hours and hope that the ad comes on, but in 2.5 hours yesterday not a peep of it.

Alex really owes me now. He’ll have to visit me in Broadmoor (most famous mental hospital in the UK) if this keeps up.

UPDATE! Got it taped this morning (Tuesday). Thank God! I may not have to go to Broadmoor after all.

2 Responses to “The things one does for friends”

  1. anonymous says:

    hahha.. nice… i will still be able to see you next yr then 😉

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    Yes; I’m in Singapore from 15 January until 5 February with a few side trips to BKK and KL.