A very accurate webquiz

…because it said that I’m a New Yorker!


















What state should you live in?
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8 Responses to “A very accurate webquiz”

  1. spwebdesign says:

    It scored me as Florida. I loathe Florida. Then again, my highest score was 50%, so I guess I’m really none of these places. Maybe I’m not meant to live in the U.S.?

  2. vasilatos says:

    I got a tie between New York and California, so I’ve decided to return to bicoastality, but when I looked into the price of real estate in NYC, it was surprisingly out of range. Huh. Maybe I’ll start with a short visit.

  3. gmjambear says:

    I got New York as well. Florida and Washington tied for second.

    To paraphrasie: you can take the boy out of New York but you can’t take Ner York out of the boy.

  4. trawnapanda says:

    If ‘being a new yorker’ means changing the appearance of your blog page, may i respectfully suggest you move elsewhere?

    This new look – chocolate brown boxes, with butterscotch coloured sidebars and (s)lime green background is (how to put this politely) not attractive. (ooh, less-than-yummy! I’ve just seen the lilac bar across the top of this box – “reply to this entry”)

    The title, “chrishansenhome – apologia pro vita mea” now comes out on the panda screen as:
    pro vita mea (with the “g” sliced vertically in half)

    The box that should open for “username” in the response box doesn’t, I get a square with just enough room for the silouette head and that’s it. There’s no way to enter my livejournal name. The password box is likewise a wee square (big enough for three asterisks). I had to go off-site to log in to my livejournal a/c and come back to post this — normally one can post a response and log in at the same time, somehow your new setup blocks that.

    Please. this was a decorating error. go back to the immediate past version, which looked quite good.

  5. chrishansenhome says:

    It looks just fine on my screen. I wonder, are you using IE, and if so, at what screen size? None of the symptoms you describe are present on my computer.

    Remember, I’m a software tester so things like this happen to me all the time.

    Oh, and I kind of like earth colours, although I seem to recall that you do not. I may change the colours at some point, but I like the style.

    Suum cuique, as the Romans said.

  6. trawnapanda says:

    mozilla firefox, actually; though it looked the same in netscape. I’ve just changed the screen resolution from 1024×720 to 1280×1024. that makes it all on screen (and in box), but everything is smaller, and newly so (this isn’t a case of teh resolution got reset by mistake). The monitor is 17″ so it works, but stuff is tinier.

    I asked my friend in Victoria to check it out, and his screen had everything fitting too. I’m wondering if it’s my computer thinking that headline typesize is bigger than it should be.

    as to colours – I don’t mind earthtones actually. the boxes together (light and darker brown) are fine, but with the rather aggressive slime / luminous green are not what I would call an earthtone collection. Maybe it’s aggravated by the purple/violet shirt you’re wearing in the thumbnail, which is QUITE an aggressive mismatch with the green background. I quite like that photo (taken on my camera, whith my blue/green shoulder off on the left), but the combo is not, to my eyes, in the least pleasant.

    oh and I’ve still got square login boxes with NO place or ability to enter my LJ username the first time around. Logging in separately and coming back didn’t work either. the initial post bounced, and THEN I got boxes big enough to enter password and username. but it’s 0130 trawna time, so enough of this folderol. happy advent IV

  7. chrishansenhome says:

    oic. When using a non-IE browser, as I do, you have to be ready to accept the fact that certain pages will never render well, and that other pages will deny that you have a right to view them. I cannot get to my banking site with Opera; I have to revert to IE in order to check that my millions are in good hands.

    When reporting bugs, it is important to always report your OS, version, browser (if a web bug), version, screen size, and, if possible and applicable, send a screen shot of the problem, along with a step-by-step method of reproducing the bug. Never assume (thanks, Felix) that the programmer will be able to reproduce the bug without precise instructions from you.

    If you’d like, I can fit you into the next ISEB Foundation Course on Software Testing I present–you’d have to take a trip to London, but it’s well worth the

  8. trawnapanda says:

    the second iteration of new-look is MUCH better — and the login-while-you-post-a-reply option works too.

    look upon it as a New Decorating OPPORTUNITY!

    (now all I have to do is set up two course websites…. sigh)