Today’s wounded willy URL

There is a man in Britain who is so dense that he caught his dick in a mousetrap.

Not once, but twice!.

You can read his sad tale here.

I can see a future Darwin award winner here if he keeps this up.

2 Responses to “Today’s wounded willy URL”

  1. anonymous says:

    Hell, an old friend of mine accomplished that! Back in the mid-60’s, he was living on a ranch with some acquiantences. His accomodations were in the loft of an old barn; roomy, private, and smelling of swet hay. But he did have a problem with rats. Being a techie, he wired up a TV power transformer (vacuum tube, ~450 volts), rectifier and large capacitor, to a baited wire grid, with return to ground. Actually worked pretty well, catching an occasional rodent. But one night, loaded on too many beers and other substances, he got up from his bed to take a leak. Too tired, wasted, and/or lazy to climb down the ladder, he pee’d in a corner of the loft. Sweaty feet on the bare boards, and a nice, conductive stream hitting the charged grid, he thought he was gonna die…

  2. anonymous says:

    But, did he do it twice?

    In any event, I hope he drives better than he pees. 🙂
    (a fellow Darwin Awards fan)