The latest US execution

Having suffered a heart attack back in September, Allen had asked prison authorities to let him die if he went into cardiac arrest before his execution, a request prison officials said they would not honor.

“At no point are we not going to value the sanctity of life,” said prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon. “We would resuscitate him,” then execute him.

The world has gone mad. People often ask me why I don’t go back to live in the United States. Just read the above quotation will be my answer.

3 Responses to “The latest US execution”

  1. mango_king says:

    I’m utterly appalled as well – this stinking country has flipped her lid; I fear it is going to get worse too before things get any better.

  2. besskeloid says:

    My head hurts.

  3. rsc says:

    This at the same time as the Right To Life folks are decrying the Supreme Court’s decision that the Attorney General had no business trying to override Oregon’s assisted suicide law.