I forgot to say…

in my previous post, that HWMBO has been absolutely wonderful during this whole episode. I’m sure that everyone took that for granted, but in reading the previous post I came across as a self-centred twit in a way, only caring about what was happening to me. While it was dreadful, I’m sure it was just as dreadful for HWMBO, but he was there for me within minutes of Mark calling him from the emergency room. He visited every day, and unquestioningly carried out my requests (Feed me! Bring the newspaper! Bring books! Please kiss me!) and made it at least bearable to be in that dreadful place. He’s taken charge of my diet, now, and we will be eating fish twice a week whether I like it or not. We will be going to get Civil Partnershipped tomorrow, and he’s stood by me through the whole thing. No one could ask for a better partner.

I just wanted to make sure I said it.

4 Responses to “I forgot to say…”

  1. kingbitch says:

    Cool! Best VDay I’ve seen in my life! xp

    The fish isn’t cool though.

  2. besskeloid says:

    Hugs, you two.

  3. jwg says:

    How nice, and how civil!

    And congrats on the soon to be Civil Partnership.

  4. keith_london says:

    Glad to hear that you are OK, and congratulations!