Foot update

I have been under treatment since Tuesday…every day I’ve gone to the GP’s office to get shot in the bot and have the toe dressed.

Today I stole a look at the toe while the nurse was away getting a dressing. It actually looks pretty good on the bottom now…not out of the woods but not bruised and red. So I think that we’re turning the corner. Over the weekend I have to go to the Aylesbury Health Clinic to get my shot and the dressing done, because the District Nurses (=Visiting Nurses in the US) want to come in the morning and I am not free Saturday or Sunday morning. Hopefully when I return to Kings College Hospital on Thursday I’ll be well on the way to being cured and won’t need another weekend of antibiotics.

I’ve postponed my cardiac rehab appointment until next month as I’m not too happy to do that while I’m trying to take care of the other problem.

Thanks to all those who have sent good thoughts my way…much appreciated!

2 Responses to “Foot update”

  1. fj says:

    We’ll have you on ten toes again just yet! Good work.

  2. vasilatos says:

    Way to go, toe!