Short update

I went to the gym yesterday, nitroglycerine spray in tow. I did 1/2 hour on the stationary bicycle at about 1/2 the maximum resistance. I worked up a sweat, but the beta-blocker ensured that my heart rate never went above 110 bpm. No shortness of breath, no chest pains, no need for the nitro.

So, I’m feeling much bolder about it and will start going regularly again. That will make the GBP 42 I pay for it each month worthwhile.

3 Responses to “Short update”

  1. fj says:

    Don’t shake the nitro!!!

  2. pyrzqxgl says:

    Sounds good!

  3. anonymous says:

    I just got back from San Fransico visiting my son Richard (boyshapedbox) and he told me about your slight heart attack. I read about your toe “”ouch”. as besides the breast cancer ordeal I went thru when he was at Savannah, I also am diabetic. I had no idea I was. Ihad no symptoms but was tired and contributed that to just being overweight. But now am on metformin and avandia and have an appt soon. Still not under control. I think Richard would be embarassed if he knew I wrote to you, but heck who cares. I find your words of wisdom, thougts and comments so profound and you have such an eloquent way with words. I missed not seeing your comments on his live journal, but realized you have been away on business and have had those health problems. I’m only a few yrs older than you and can see the maturity in your persona. Take care.
    Sue Krolewicz (phlebsue22@gmail)
    Windsor, Connecticut (just outside of Hartford) 1 1/2 hrs from Boston