Food labelling

Two recent labels out of which I got a kick:

  • Bought a pack of avocados recently. On the front, in bold letters: Wash before eating. I’ve never eaten an avocado peel; have you?
  • Bought two duck legs this morning for dinner tonight. As I was opening the pack, I saw the ingredients list: Ingredients: Duck (100%). GLUTEN FREE. I’m glad to know that there is no bread filler in my duck legs.

3 Responses to “Food labelling”

  1. mango_king says:

    And how do you prepare duck legs? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    You put fajita spice on the skin and roast them in a pan with a rack in it to catch the copious amounts of fat that ducks seem to collect during the course of their lives. The packet said 35 minutes at 200C but I think it should be more like 45 minutes. We had to pop ’em in the microwave after I took them out because they still had a bit of colour in the juices.

    I have in the past made duck

  3. mango_king says:

    Always great to please your mate
    Amen to that, and not always easy to do!
    I guess ducks need all that fat to keep warm in the cold water. I do like dark meat turkey and duck as well, but I’ve never cared for dark meat chicken – go figure.