Thanks to <lj user=”ronslog”> for this…

It’s NSFW, even with headphones, but remember: it’s only an ad.

3 Responses to “Thanks to <lj user=”ronslog”> for this…”

  1. besskeloid says:

    it’s only an ad.

    I couldn’t watch through to the end. I want to break the voice artist’s nose.

  2. bigmacbear says:

    The irony is, they’re advertising a circuit party if I’m not mistaken. It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, but perhaps just a tad too long for the desired payoff at the end — I suspect a good chunk of their target audience, like you, tuned out in disgust long before getting the joke.

  3. besskeloid says:

    It’s all very tongue-in-cheek

    It’s all insufferable unfunny shite, whatever the twist is. I’ve had enough of advertising. I’d prefer a bottle of this stuff.