On the iMac now

As you may remember, I bought and updated an iMac a while back. While I got a bit of flack from HWMBO when I did it, I think it was the right move.

First, I’m learning how to use a Mac. Always a good thing to know how to use different operating systems. Our former flatmate strangemanstanding is going to post a better machine to us sometime shortly from Australia. I am starting to think it might be a good idea to have my own webserver here at home, and that would be a perfect machine for it.

Second, it’s good to have a computer in every room, and this one is in the kitchen. It’s great for checking my LJ friends page or listening to Hearts of Space while HWMBO is on the main computer.

Third, it was great to be able to successfully upgrade such a beast as this. The instructions are fearsome, and rooting around in the iMac’s interior is difficult.

However, if you can keep a secret, there is a shop on the Walworth Road that has a load of slot-loading iMacs on display. I don’t know how much they want for them, but perhaps a la and his pink Hello Kitty laptops I might be able to refurbish some and sell ’em off to people who long for those heady days when the iMac was king of the Appleverse.

One Response to “On the iMac now”

  1. anonymous says:

    Hey Chris,

    Good for you. I love MAC’s am on my fourth and fifth! I have a G5 and laptop. For me the BEST aspect is Appleworks and all of it’s graphic design capabilities. Enjoy!

    randy in Takoma Park