I have been doing some more geneological explorations, using as a guide a family tree given to me by my uncle, and a book on about the Child family (my mother’s father’s family). Using the book, I’ve now gotten back to Benjamin Child in the 17th century and Roxbury, Massachusetts.

This stuff is addictive. HWMBO wanted me to stop, so I will. However, it gets very interesting back there. The book mentions my great-grandfather (born 1871).

4 Responses to “Geneology!”

  1. hickbear says:

    However, it gets very interesting back there and it goes down to my great-grandfather (born 1971).

    Jeebus Aitch Kee-Rye-Ust. AFAIK my own youngest great-grandfather was born around 1894, a little less than 70-ish years BEFORE I was born. Never mind 19 years AFTER.


  2. spwebdesign says:

    Well, he is a Child, after all!

    You should meet his great-great-grandfather, who will be born next year.

  3. hickbear says:

    Well, he is a Child, after all!

    Well, shittah. All I can offer in return is that the family via which I am my own cousin on my dad’s side is (yes, I’m serious, it really, Really Really is!) the Whanger family…

  4. chrishansenhome says:

    I meant 1871, of course. I shall change it in the post. Give a guy a break: I’d added more than 100 names to the family tree by that time last night.