Today’s Babelfish result

My friend included a line of Chinese in his blog today (syndicated from Blogger, BTW). I took it to Babelfish, and got this translation:

Likes by hating mesozoically, because likes living hates

I wonder how one could “hate mesozoically”.

3 Responses to “Today’s Babelfish result”

  1. trawnapanda says:

    that’s what Santa Claus / Father Christmas does to naughty girls and boys: at the end of the process you get a lump of coal

  2. rsc says:

    Any idea what it really said?

  3. anonymous says:

    hey chris,

    i cant find the meaning of “mesozoically” from the site.

    Anyway, it basically means “hatred grows within love”, and “cos u love (an object/subject), you gradually/somehow developed a hatred for it”.

    ‘Cos i made myself hate a certain person, in order to forget him, get over the unhappiness, and live on.. 🙂