Today’s Seaside Tale

From the “Liberty Post” (whatever that is), retold in Private Eye, comes the following:

‘Mario Visnjic called me on his mobile phone, and asked me for help,’ a member of the beach staff in Valalta, Croatia, told reporters. ‘He wouldn’t tell me over the phone what the matter was, but when I found him sitting on his deckchair, his problem was obvious. He’d gone swimming naked in the cool sea, and had then sat down on his wooden chair to relax. Because his testicles had shrunk with the cold, they’d slipped easily through the wooden slats, but as he relaxed in the sun, they’d expanded back to normal size, and he’d become stuck.

‘We tried everything. We coated his scrotum in coconut oil, and poured ice-cold water on his testicles. But they wouldn’t shrink, and we couldn’t pull them back up between the slats. In the end, we had to saw the entire deckchair in half to release him, and by then he’d attracted quite a crowd of onlookers.’

Skinnydippers of the world, beware!

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