Today’s Pest Control URL

I think that we need a big flock of these, stationed in Trafalgar Square.

3 Responses to “Today’s Pest Control URL”

  1. urban_bohemian says:

    We could use those in some parks here in DC as well.

  2. trawnapanda says:

    I noticed that on the Beeb website this morning. Are we observing evolution in action here? (pelicans not normally eating any meat that wasn’t swimming underwater at some point in its life-cycle)

    I wondered about getting ’em for Toronto as well. I’ve actually watched a hawk of some description lunch on a seagull in Queen’s Park, just 50m from the legislature building. That prompted me to wonder why there aren’t more of them around — heaven knows we’ve got enough pigeons / seagulls / squirrels / starlings to keep quite a number of hawks fed. Apparently the birds of prey are quite territorial, and the territories are quite large (hence not having 53 hawks to make serious inroads into the varmint population).

    So, all the more need for pigeon-eating pelicans.

  3. vasilatos says:

    Penny Lane will be even more careful now (she already has to watch for hawks). Uh, *I* keep us away from hawks.