The day started off unfortunately…

Got up, everything was fine. Left the house at 7:30, that was fine. Got on the Underground and got to Embankment, where I normally change for the District or Circle Line. Oops! Someone jumped in front of a westbound train at Temple Station, so no westbound trains. I walked up to Charing Cross and took a cab to work from there (GBP 8).

Now, two things irk me about this. First, why oh why do people use trains as suicide enablers? The poor train driver is traumatised, the entire network is affected, and it’s a messy death (which sometimes does not work!) And, of course, people invariably do it in rush hour–perhaps to spite the world.

Second, why oh why didn’t the Underground say something about it before I got on the train at Elephant and Castle? I could have taken the Northern Line southbound to Stockwell and changed for the Victoria Line there, thus avoiding the problem and saving

5 Responses to “The day started off unfortunately…”

  1. keith_london says:

    I think I heard them say that there were no Circle lines running in the anticlockwise direction (but I could be wrong). It never occured to me that the cause could be a suicide. Very sad.

  2. kingbitch says:

    Oh, were you aware that a very similar incident happened in Singapore? I do agree that such suicide is bullshit.

  3. rsc says:

    I hope the cardiologist finds that my heart’s still beating

    If he doesn’t, you might want to avoid garlic for a while.

  4. chrishansenhome says:

    Indeed. I’ll also make sure all the mirrors in the house are covered and that I stay away from church…

  5. chrishansenhome says:

    I seem to remember that. Of course, all the stations that are underground there have doors and screens, both to keep the aircon in and the suicide jumpers out. I think it was at Bishan, right? Of course, that’s my home station when I’m there.