Tried to put in a meme…

…that intimated that my American accent was Midwestern. Unfortunately, someone found it difficult to read but wasn’t specific enough as to what was wrong; it looked OK to me when I pulled it up on my machine. I tried some reformatting the HTML but it made it much much worse, so I’ve just deleted it.

As a software test expert of 18 years’ standing, my advice to people who report bugs in LJ code is: take a screen shot of what you are seeing and send the screen shot to the person whose LJ it is (unless it’s something silly like too many carriage returns or something like that). I don’t know what was broken and trying to fix it just broke it for me too.


One Response to “Tried to put in a meme…”

  1. legalmoose says:

    Sorry you felt you needed to take it down. Take a gander at my friends list and you’ll see what the meme does to it now (someone else has a copy of it up on there at the moment).

    I finally got a moment to go through the code and evidently there’s an open table row (tr)tag and an open table division (td) tag – they get opened at the beginning of the table and never closed again before the table gets closed, so that appears to be causing the problem. Other browsers might be more forgiving for such code goofs, but IE (what I’m stuck with at the office) isn’t.