Got an email yesterday…

…and it was a pleasant surprise. Some of you may be familiar with the Brainbench tests. They purport to measure achievement and competence in many areas, but one area they test for is competency in software testing. A few days ago I took a “beta” test of theirs just for a laugh. It turns out that I got one of the highest scores on it, and the person in charge of their test development emailed me and asked whether I’d consider doing some work on finalising the test questions. When I discovered that it was actually paying work (US$400, plus a $100 bonus if the work is exceptional and on time) I said that, yes, indeedy, I’d be interested.

The woman from Brainbench called me this afternoon and said that I was in the running with a gentleman from India. After speaking with me for a few minutes, she said, “Oh, I think you’ll do very well and you sound like you’ll be easy to work with. Instead of calling the guy in India, I’d like to offer you the assignment right now.”

So I’ve signed the contract and, along with everything else, now have 150 questions to finalise. All the work will be done online, and I can do it at my leisure but no later than December 14th. Of course, that’s the day I’ll be winging my way Bostonwards, so I’ll have to finish it before then.

Sounds like it’ll be interesting. If any of y’all are into software testing, wait until the test questions have been revised, and then take the test. You’ll have me to kick around if you don’t do very well or you think the test is poor quality.

2 Responses to “Got an email yesterday…”

  1. stealthpup says:

    Keep me posted. Given that software testing’s my career path, I’d like to confirm that I’ve chosen well.

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    Oh, well done. Send me your resum