This morning’s drama

I got up this morning, performed my ablutions, made sure that the world hadn’t ended (ie, listened to the news), made breakfast, woke HWMBO up, and started on my toast and coffee.

HWMBO came downstairs, entered the kitchen, and screamed “A snail!” There was a very long sinuous slug on the kitchen countertop.

Now when I started making breakfast I folded up the rag that we use to wipe the countertop, and saw a trail across it, but of course didn’t believe it was a slug or a snail–how could such a thing get into our kitchen when we hadn’t had the door open for ages. I just thought it was some artifact of the last time we wiped the counter, and thought no more about it.

I thought of putting salt on it, but HWMBO would have been even more squicked out by what happens to slugs when you salt ’em. I didn’t think of taking a picture beforehand, drat. I opened the back door, took a piece of cardboard, scooped up the slug and slung it into the garden.

Compared to the slug, the rest of the day ought to be fairly sedate.

5 Responses to “This morning’s drama”

  1. keith_london says:

    Sounds like it came straight out of “Slither“! 🙂 Maybe they came through the sink… I don’t want to sound alarmsit … but – I’d be careful in the bath!

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    Well, I normally look around in the bathtub before I start the shower going. A slug of that size would probably register on the radar, I think.

    We have a strainer in the drain in the sink…I suppose it might have pushed it aside but I wouldn’t bet on it. I think it probably slithered in through the spaces around the drainpipes going into the garden. That’s how the mice get in, I think.

    Anyway, I did my good deed for the day in not salting the thing, so I feel like the rest of the day is just anticlimax.

  3. tim1965 says:

    I’d have gotten a pan, some onions and celery and a pat of butter…

    But, to each his own. 🙂

  4. mango_king says:

    Eeeewww – slugs disgust me. My mother used to poor beer in a pie tin on the patio and they would crawl in there, bloat up and die – ick. And salting them – blech!!!

  5. ruth_lawrence says:

    Everyone’s squick is okay I guess.

    Me, I don’t want to walk on them, particularly the huge carnivorous ones we have about, but otherwise am Not Bothered b y slugs and snails (of course we have truly spectacularly icky invertebrates downunder).