What a beautiful evening!

Background: I often wear yellow, orange, or bright green tank tops and shorts in the gym because, well, I like looking peppy and the bright colours make me feel good.

Tonight I happened to wear blue and grey, but a very handsome young black man named Rick came up to me in the gym and said, “I didn’t get a chance to tell you last time I saw you here, but you were wearing orange shorts and an orange tank, and they really cheered me up and made my day. Thanks!” I was so chuffed at hearing this that I not only beamed from ear to ear, I did so good a set that I am moving up to the next weight level on that machine.

So if you see someone whose clothing, manner, voice or anything else about her or him makes you happy, tell him or her about it. Because it might make their day, too! And if Rick sees this, thanks a million–you made MY day!

3 Responses to “What a beautiful evening!”

  1. ruth_lawrence says:

    I’ll remember this!

  2. rsc says:

    In the journals of some people that I read, this would have had a different, and more NSFW, ending.

  3. chrishansenhome says:

    It would have been tempting, but I didn’t get the feeling that Rick was fishing for anything, he was just really happy to see me so that he could tell me how nice it was that I had been wearing orange. And I, well, I just try to stay as chaste as I possibly can and while years ago this would have set my heart aquiver with lust, now it was just aquiver with pleasure that someone was so thoughtful as to pay me such a compliment.