ID cards for foreign residents of the UK

The Home Secretary, in a desperate attempt to convince the public that he is doing something about “illegal” immigration, has announced that legislation mandating ID cards for foreign legal residents of the UK will be brought in soon.

He says that since they are going to increase the penalties for employing illegal immigrants, they should at least reduce the number of possible documents a legal immigrant can present from 60 to one; this will help potential employers cope.

Employers know very well what kinds of documentation legal immigrants can produce to demonstrate that they can work. The reason that illegal immigrants still work here is either that employers actively seek them out as they are cheap, or that employers don’t bother with checking the papers in the first place. It’s not that the employers are confused.

Again the government is lying through its teeth.

One Response to “ID cards for foreign residents of the UK”

  1. vasilatos says:

    That IS annoying.