Another CNN headline

“Judge: Preserve Anna Nicole’s body”

I have two disturbing mental images. One is of a cabinet in which Anna Nicole, stuffed with straw, sits, a la Jeremy Bentham at University College London.

The other is of Mother Cabrini underneath the altar, enclosed in glass.

I shall lie awake nights worrying about this for a while.

And we won’t even mention Lenin.

2 Responses to “Another CNN headline”

  1. trawnapanda says:

    And we won’t even mention Lenin

    or even Evita.

    I’m with you; the idea of an Auto-Icon of Anna Nicole sitting in a glass case (?in the lobby of People Magazine’s offices? or National Enquirer?) is really MUCH too scary to contemplate.

    (I have asked several people why the media are making such a fuss about this woman. celebrity? famous for being famous? There has been much mutual head-shaking, but no real answers about why anyone beyond her immediate family should care. But if she’s in a glass case, why, people in the 24th century could be fascinated too!)

  2. tim1965 says:

    Me, in the chorus? I’ll have you know that I played Mother Cabrini! During LENT!
    – “Auntie Mame”