Love those wireless headphones, and our Valentine’s Day dinner

I got a pair of these for myself for Valentine’s Day.

They feel a bit strange on my head, and the iPod Nano base that comes with it does not fit my iPod Nano, but the sound is incredible. Plus, no more wires to fool around with. Just put the headphones and the base unit in touch with each other, put the headphones on, and let ‘er rip.

I would still use my noise cancelling headphones on an airplane or in another noisy situation, but the Logitech ones are the bee’s knees.

In other news, as yesterday was our anniversary (1st of the Civil Partnership, 9th of our relationship), we were going to go out to an Italian restaurant called Azzurro (which we went to and liked, but the reviews are somewhat spotty) but HWMBO had a recurrence of his cold, and was coughing up a storm. But we couldn’t cancel some of our guests, so in the end HWMBO stayed home and , Mark, Rob, and Ethel (Mark and Ethel were our witnesses at our Civil Partnership) went out to the Indian restaurant at the Elephant and Castle shopping centre.

gave us a lovely Spanish wall hanging showing two lovebirds, which was really thoughtful and will be framed soon (I hope) and hanging on the wall; Ethel and Mark and Rob gave us cards, and we then tucked into the Indian food.

I have discovered that the way to avoid feeling somewhat off after an Indian meal (for me) is simple: lay off the lime pickle. It must be putting my blood pressure up. I had mulligatawny soup, chicken jalfrezi, and some naan bread (the kind with the grated coconut on it, whose Indian name I forget) along with a litre of Cobra lager; mango kulfi for dessert and a bit of brandy on the house. I treated, as it was our party! Ethel is such a wonderful woman, a real “Cockney sparrow” who has lived in the neighbourhood all her life, had a wonderful marriage and great children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and has an easy hearty laugh. I got her a box of Bailey’s Irish Cream chocolates (she’s partial to Bailey’s) and she was delighted.

Usually after an Indian meal I feel a bit bloated all evening; last night I felt great and slept like a baby. HWMBO stayed home from work today and I worked from home, so it was really restful.

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  1. spwebdesign says:

    Thank you for inviting me. I had a wonderful time. I hope HWMBO feels better soon.