Today’s mindless URL

You’ve all heard of the Truman Show movie, of course, Well, now there’s This is a Web 2.0 venture where a group of four guys, including Justin, a very good-looking Asian-American, have taken a flat in San Francisco, got sponsorship, and attached a webcam and microphone to Justin. It goes with him everywhere–yes, even to the loo (although he turns the sound off to spare our delicate ears). He has it on 24 hours a day. When in bed, a webcam on a tripod is trained on him. When he showers, he leaves the cam outside the bathroom trained on the door. Otherwise, he’s wearing it.

Now you might think this could be hot: he goes on dates (but hasn’t scored yet), cleans his house for a party (yesterday), and is at this very moment (10:08 am PDT Easter Day) asleep, scratching himself occasionally, and generally being comatose as only 24 (or so) year old Yale graduates can do on a Sunday morning.

Watch it, but watch out! It’s addictive but with no calories and no nutritive value. There are lots of posters around the house advertising his various sponsors. There’s also a whole industry of weblogs, MySpace pages, and the like. has more than 1 million hits on Google after just 1 month.

This guy will be going places.

3 Responses to “Today’s mindless URL”

  1. fj says:

    Yeah, because Jenny from Jennicam is now an international media star.

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    It’s more than jennicam, though. There is a whole houseful of startups and entrepreneurs with ideas. Take a look at this. It’s frightening in a way. But I wish I were 30 years younger so I could take part.

  3. hickbear says:

    He was also featured on NBC’s “Today” show in the last week or two. I remember seeing the story about “” come on as I was getting dressed for work on day recently.

    (Sorry, when I’m in NashVegas all my days just smeeeeeeaaaaaar together. Of course, being home this weekend with has been some Happy Happy Joy Joy time…)