I am crushed…

I have deleted the ovine poodle entry, as it is an urban legend. I am really annoyed that I didn’t check before I posted it. I often refer people who send such stuff to email lists I read to snopes.com–why I didn’t refer myself to it is maddening.

2 Responses to “I am crushed…”

  1. trawnapanda says:

    is there some deep psychological reason here? you rilly rilly want a pet dog [wanting it baaaaaaadly (sorry, couldn’t resist)], but HWMBO wouldn’t allow you to have anything more than a lamb?

    (I’m just trying to come up with rationalisations for the non-snopes-check for you)

  2. chrishansenhome says:

    No, it’s the other way ’round. He wants a dog and I refuse to entertain the idea. I wouldn’t even want to get a sheep disguised as a dog.