Monday Musings

The Cutty Sark being torched is a great loss. I was quite sad to wake up to the news. I was even sadder that BBC News 24 was showing sport when I turned it on rather than perhaps the biggest UK story today. Of course, since I have no interest in sport perhaps that coloured my reaction. The latest stories say that it’s probably not a total loss, but of course it will take more cash to repair and restore it.

I went to Victoria Place for lunch today, thinking that I’d just go to the bagel shop and get a filled bagel. However, when I got there, I decided to try this place instead. Eating a baked potato (US)/jacket potato (UK) with stuff like coleslaw in it might sound a bit bizarre, but it was curiously filling and, more important, there was no queue at the stand. It was quite tasty, probably good roughage too (I ate the skin along with everything else), and not messy. Unfortunately, their website is a tip: they really need some help. They don’t seem to have much of a clue about how to navigate, and I got to a place where I couldn’t click on anything and had to use the backspace key to go backward. All the links had disappeared. I shall eat there again. I shall avoid being anti-social in the office by not having it with a baked-bean filling. I am avoiding cheese as well. So we shall see what wonders await tomorrow. I would remark that they offered me lots of side dishes and cheese on top. It is kind of like going to a candy store and being offered all sorts of forbidden goodies with the malted milk balls you bought. It is sad that I have to forego almost everything that’s tasty, sweet, or in the middle of two pieces of white bread. As my mother said the week before she died, “You wouldn’t want to eat here anymore.” in reference to the diet the doctor warned her to go on before he would refer her to a cardiologist.

According to the message that just boomed over the tannoy, there is a security alert on two sides of the building. I do hope we won’t be blown up and that it will turn out to be someone’s discarded lunch in a bag.

2 Responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. pyrzqxgl says:

    There used to be a potato restaurant here in Santa Cruz, sort of spun off by some people who have a cookie store, but it was a casualty of the big 1989 earthquake.

  2. jwg says:

    My first thought? why would anyone torch a bottle of scotch?