Attention, <lj user=”trawnapanda”>!

This website so needs to be in the OLPFRSC*.

*Our Lady of the Pink Flamingos Religious Schlock Collection

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  1. trawnapanda says:

    Oh my.
    Oh my paws and whiskers.

    What a FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS collection of bathtub madonnas! I am in awe.

    thankyouthankyouthankyou for posting this.

    There are so many (and more to come, apparently). There are madonnas in peeling- paint- gen-U-ine bathtubs (as in 27 Oak St) , there are madonnas in pre-made grottos (grotti?) (like 8 Marion St – how appropriate), there are statues of other religious notables (St Francis – 38 Hanson [ahem] St; St Therese of Lisieux – 76 Properzi Way; St Joseph with baby Jeezuz – 9 Concord Av; along to adult Jeezuz in sacred heart mode – 59 Church St; and there’s even Buddha at 8 Waldo Ave). There are a few that I think of as “Madonna in Chains” — she’s imprisoned behind chainlink fencing, as at 26 Horace St; or suffocating in a glass box, as at 66 Church St. Speaking of well contained, sometimes she’s double-wrapped, inside nested grottos – such as 13 Buckingham St; and sometimes she’s set off with either roses, at 100 Line St, or electric power cables and xmas wreaths, at 14 Hawkins St.

    Then there are the empty grottos – sky blue backdrops setting off no-one in particular – 32 Springfield St, or 2 Joseph St, for instance. What does this mean? Are these folks agnostic, or perhaps atheists? Or are they victims of madonna-nappers, like those gardens where the garden gnomes are kidnapped and sent on world tours? Or (at 2 Joseph) did Bambi eat Mary? SO many unanswered questions.

    I’m going to have to tear myself away from this site so I can actually do some work for my employer today; but I’ll be back. This is brilliant.

    yr gobsmacked Panda