This seems to have gotten under the radar

I haven’t seen any of this in the blogs, but Sam Garrison, Nixon defender, lawyer, and gay activist, has died. Here is a link to the obituary, which, as it’s in the Washington Post, required registration, I’m afraid. The best paragraph in it is:

In the 33 years since that summer (of the impeachment hearings), Mr. Garrison divorced, went bankrupt, came out as a gay man, served time in prison for embezzlement and was disbarred. A former business partner conspired to kill him. He recovered his right to vote and his law license, and resumed his legal career.

I guess he kept busy.

3 Responses to “This seems to have gotten under the radar”

  1. vasilatos says:

    That IS a lot. My goodness gracious.

  2. pyrzqxgl says:

    Huh, I was able to read the linked article without registering. That’s quite a story, though!

  3. skibbley says:

    Interesting stuff, especially after seeing Angels in America on Saturday in Cambridge and reading about Roy Cohn.